Our leaders are responsible for ensuring that the care and services provided follow the mission and values of the organization. Below is a summary of individual responsibilities to guide you in directing your inquiries. As leaders, we ensure an open door policy, and even though we may not be directly responsible for an area, we will make every attempt to assist you or direct your inquiry.

Executive Director – Rae Sveinbjornson
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 223 | Email: rae.sveinbjornson@saskhealthauthority.ca

Rae is responsible for the overall operations of St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village Corporation including St. Ann’s Home (Special Care Home), St. Ann’s Residence (Seniors Housing Complex) and St. Ann’s Place (Enriched Housing for Seniors) according to the Mission, Core Values, and Goals of the organization as established by the Board of Directors.  Quality and Safe health care and housing are of the utmost importance, along with the long term viability.

Director of Care – Deb Lesyk, RN
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 224 | Email: deb.lesyk@saskhealthauthority.ca

Deb is responsible for the direct day to day supervision, direction, evaluation and control of nursing care provided by all the nursing staff on a 24 hour basis within the nursing home.  Resident directed care, education, quality, safety, infection control, communication, and overseeing resident admissions and discharges are central to the role.

Director of Support Services – Heather Chrunik, RD
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 224 | Email: heather.chrunik@saskhealthauthority.ca

Heather is responsible for overseeing and directing all aspects of the operations of Food, Laundry, Maintenance and Grounds keeping, Caretaking and Environmental Services, for St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village, as well as provision of clinical nutrition services primarily for St. Ann’s Home.

Director of Mission and Spiritual Care – Edgar Neudorf
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 238 | Email: edgar.neudorf@saskhealthauthority.ca

Edgar manages the Spiritual Care Services within St. Ann’s, supporting the spiritual needs of over 200 residents and/or tenants; providing them dignity while enjoying the respect and companionship of their peers. Edgar is also responsible for the Mission of the organization, ensuring that programming and services provided support the Mission of the organization. Mission services are mainly directed towards the staff of St. Ann’s; helping them live our mission.

Director of Recreation & Therapeutic Services – Carla Eager
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 233 | Email: carla.eager@saskhealthauthority.ca

Carla is responsible for Therapeutic Recreation (for both St. Ann’s Home and St. Ann’s Place) and the coordination of Therapies (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy) for the Nursing Home. Her role is to provide physical, social, emotional, and cognitive leisure pursuits for each resident according to their interests and abilities. The team strives to find meaningful activities for everyone, each day. She is also involved in the volunteer program along with Edgar.

Food Services Supervisor – Jayci Merkosky, NM
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 226 | Email: jayci.merkosky@saskhealthauthority.ca

Jayci is responsible for the Food Service Department. Their goal is to provide appetizing, safe and nutritious meals to residents, tenants, staff and guests of both St. Ann’s Home and St. Ann’s Place. Jayci is co-chair for the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Jayci also assists with Laundry and Housekeeping services in the Home.

Administrative Assistant – Laura Barnaby
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 221 | Email: laura.barnaby@saskhealthauthority.ca

Laura is the first person you talk to on the phone or in person. She is both our receptionist and clerical. She also is responsible for the accounts receivable (collecting rents and payments); including coordinating fundraising activities, tracking pledges/donations and memorial gifts.

Financial Assistant – Dustin Cometa, CPA, CMA, BComm.
Phone: 306-374-8900 ext. 222 | Email: mailto:dustin.cometa@saskhealthauthority.ca

Dustin is responsible for Financial Statements, Payroll, Accounts Payables (and its various functions) and Housing.