St. Ann’s Home (1953) – 403 Clarence Avenue

Founded by Bishop Klein in 1953, the original facility, St. Ann’s Home, began operations in a small private dwelling located on 403 Clarence Avenue. As a nursing home for the aged in the Diocese, it also provided a spiritual place of worship. The Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth from Humboldt were asked to administer the activities of the facility.

St. Ann’s Home (1956) – 1220 Alberta Avenue

At this time, St. Ann’s Home was the only facility of its kind in the Diocese of Saskatoon. It soon became apparent that the increasing demand far outweighed the capacity of the home, and construction of a larger facility located on 1220 Alberta Avenue began in the fall of 1956, through the generous donations of the local Knights of Columbus.
In 1970, St. Ann’s Home was incorporated under the Societies Act, the first lay administrator was hired and a Board of Directors appointed, with the Bishop of Saskatoon and the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth both represented on the Board. In 1980, St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village Corporation was formed under The Non-Profit Corporations Act.

St. Ann’s Home (1979) – 2910 Louise Street

With the growing needs of the senior population, it became clear that another home would be required. In 1979, the current home on 2910 Louise Street along with a 60 unit independent living apartment complex was opened. In 1988, a 60 unit Enriched Housing complex was added to the Village, offering services to individuals requiring assistance in maintaining their independence.

As in the original facility, the centrally located Chapel remains a integral part of the Village benefiting the residents, tenants, families and Staff of the organization. Throughout the years extensive renovations have been undertaken, to ensure the needs could be met now and into the future.

In 2007, St. Ann’s joined the Catholic Health Ministries of Saskatchewan which is owned by the Bishops of Saskatchewan and supports their Catholic health institutions through shared leadership in Catholic health care.