St. Ann’s Local Council

  • Susan Bazylewski
  • Roxanne Frey
  • Dave Gibson
  • Leona Hazelwanter
  • Richard Kolla
  • Peter Martens
  • Shirley McNeil
  • Dale Meier

Our Owners – Emmanuel Health Inc.


  • Emmanuel Care has aligned its twelve acute and long-term care facilities under a single governance board, known as Emmanuel Health.
  • The change mirrors the province’s transition to a single health authority overseen by a governing board of directors.
  • Emmanuel Care’s transition from 12 facility boards of directors to a province-wide board follows eight months of extensive consultation with local facility leaders and boards.
  • The change will not affect Emmanuel Care facilities, patients, residents or families.
  • The new model continues to reflect community presence, input, and involvement.
  • Local Councils in each community will ensure community input and local needs are reflected in Emmanuel Health’s mission, quality and safety policies, and budget planning.

Our Facilities

Our Board

Emmanuel Health’s Board of Directors has been appointed and reflects a broad cross-section of communities and community leaders:

  • David Patola – Saskatoon (Chair)
  • Darryl Bazylak – Saskatoon
  • Dr. Bruce Berscheid – Saskatoon
  • Lawrence Chomos – Esterhazy
  • Joanne Colledge-Miller – Regina
  • Mary Donlevy-Konkin – Saskatoon
  • Gene Dupuis – Saskatoon
  • David Eberle – Humboldt
  • David Gibson – Saskatoon
  • Omer Houde – Lac Pelletier
  • Don Kindopp – Estevan
  • Sr. Bonnie MacLellan – North Bay, ON
  • Pina Melchionna – Saskatoon
  • Dr. Sarah Oosman – Saskatoon
  • Gaetan Piché – Gravelbourg
  • Bev Pirio – Radville
  • Shellyann Schaan – Saskatoon
  • Colette Stang – Macklin
  • Delmer Wagner – Moose Jaw
  • Ron Wilson – Melville

With you on your journey toward health, healing and a better quality of life.

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